The Bophelo Centre for Life at Eagle Valley is devoted to the integration of ancient wisdom and 21st century practice. As a sister organisation of the Vuka Institute, the centre is an expression of the growing realisation among scientists, environmental activists and healers of all modes that indigenous knowledge holds the answers to many of modern humanity’s problems. For generations, ancient knowledge systems have been suppressed. The healing centre revives the deep wisdom in these systems, offering practical immersion in the vital teachings of ceremony, universal nature, initiation rites of passage, daily mindfulness, and care for the living planet.


Meditation Retreat
A time for rest, rejuvenation, introspection and clarity. This seven-day in-depth retreat is guided by ancient techniques and personal intention. Through meditation, we elevate our consciousness and perspective, breathing into harmony with ourselves, mother earth and each other—and thereby activating a way of life that is so vital to our challenging times. The diet is organic and nutrient rich, with a focus on super foods.

Temazcal/Sweat Lodge
In its origin, the Temazcal is a spiritual ceremony where we reconnect with our essence through the four elements of nature—fire, water, wind, earth—as channeled by meditation, singing and prayer. This sacred medicine is administered under the guidance of the original wisdom holders, and strict protocols are followed. The physical benefits of the vapour as it rises from the stones include cleansing and stimulation of the lungs, the digestive system, and the circulatory system.

Herbal Doctors and Healers Academy
A powerful and comprehensive course that covers many angles of medicine and healing, the academy draws on knowledge and practice from numerous ancient wisdom and medical systems—including the ancient Indians of the Americas, the traditional healers of Africa, and the herbalists of Asia. This advanced course is a new age initiation and rite of passage; it is aimed at nurturing and developing ancient healers for modern times.

Ancient Ceremonies, Earth Healing Prayers, Medicinal Drum, Indigenous Skills
A sacred path process that explores Self, Mother Earth and Cosmos. In this retreat, we will connect with ancient ritual and ceremony in honour of the elements. A core objective will be to understand and “hear” Mother Nature, so as to experientially feel the importance of acting in harmony with her. The course will be anchored in practical workshops aimed at the understanding, honouring and proper use of medicine bags, medicine bundles, smudge feathers and medicine/shamanic drums.

Indigenous Medicine Weekend: Kambo, Sananga, Tobacco
A powerful weekend retreat that is physically, emotionally and spiritually cleansing as well as theoretically informative. This retreat will help bring to the surface any personal imbalances and blockages. Kambo washes away physical and mental poisons—when we have allowed emotional toxins to thwart our outlook on life, it is surely time for this medicine. Sananga is a plant that searches the body for ailments, helping us to align and to harmonise. Tobacco, used in its traditional forms (not “smoked” or “inhaled”), is used to extract imbalances and ground the individual in focus and clarity; it also improves connection to the spirit world and releases sickness in the blood.

Youth Programme
If we are going to think and act seriously about the well-being and future of our civilisation and its inhabitants, our focus needs to be directed towards the younger generations. The youth programme is anchored in rites of passage that are based on the ancient wisdom systems. It is a one-year process whereby participants agree to go through the following guiding workshops (one weekend per month):

Bookings & Enquiries

For enquiries or bookings regarding any of the offerings above, contact:

Soozi van der Linde ( or

Byron Maclean (


Soozi van der Linde, “Gogo Stefanus”, is a traditional healer who is trained and initiated in African, North American and South American lineages, with over 15 years of ceremonial and shamanic experience. She brings to and blesses the space with the wisdom of the grandmothers, ancestors and healing spirits. She helps hold the ceremonies with love, care, protection and integrity so that participants may all flourish. During the ceremonies she works with the medicine of tobacco as well as flowers and tree resins (smudges) to enhance the healing space. Soozi also teaches African traditional wisdom and plant medicine workshops.
Byron Maclean has been studying indigenous medicine and ceremonies since 2010. He has learnt under various traditional healers, most notably Yawa Bane, a master teacher of the Huni Kuin tribe of the upper Amazonian rainforest (Huni Kuin translates as “people of truth”). Byron is devoted to the creation of a healing space that preserves, protects and integrates ancient wisdom through ceremony, consultation and sustainable living systems. He guides ceremony with loving dedication to the plant teachers, the participants, and the indigenous peoples of the world.